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Dear Mako, Newt thinks. I need to come live with you because I am homeless and insane. Hopefully this will not cramp your style. Love, Newt. Designations Congruent with Things by cleanwhiteroom
You’re a terrible person,” Hermann breathes, finally shifting his grip and threading his hands inside Newt’s jacket. “I despise you. Everything you said was true. Designations Congruent with Things by cleanwhiteroom
Newt is rocking the head-tilted, eyes-closed, I-totally-respect-you-as-a-person type vibe as he and Hermann share some dark communal air and do some very sophisticated, very slow, very minimalistic, single-perfect-flower-in-a-single-perfect-vase, windblown-sand-erodes-a-desert-rock, calligraphic kissing that Newt, personally, feels is exceptionally classtastic, minimally scary, and kind of nice, actually.   Designations Congruent with Things by cleanwhiteroom


Stargate Universe

S2E17 - Common Descent

The Destiny is once again attacked by drones and jumps into FTL just in time.

I love to see the drones vaporized when the Destiny jumps into FTL travel. :-)

….and even better!  Lovely!

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Stargate Universe

S2E18 - Epilogue

A scouting party lands on Novus and has Destiny open an underground bunker so they can explore it.

These gif sets just keep getting better auntievel!


 It’s back.

Album: Stargate Universe Track: Proto-Encryption
Author & Narrator: Robert Carlyle and Michael Shanks Plays: 236


Rush: Every code that’s ever been cracked, every cipher in the last two millennia has been based on those who came before them. This code, however, is so old, there may be no known predecessor.
Student: You’re talking about a proto-encryption.
Rush: Exactly, right.
Student: How do we attack it with no basis, then?
Rush: None of you. Nothing. None of you see any pattern in this? So what good are you lot, then? Why are you here?
Student: There’s symbols up there I’ve never even seen before!
Rush: Yes you have! Yes you have, because I have, and you are all me!
Student: What’s he talking about?
Rush: Get out! All of you - just get out!
Jackson: It’s not their fault.
Rush: Yeah, I know. I’m the one who can’t solve it, despite the fact it’s right in front of me.
Jackson: Have you given any thought to what we talked about?
Rush: Oh yeah. I’m gonna fail at that, too.
Jackson: I’m sorry?
Rush: Solving the issues of dialing the ninth chevron. I’ll devote two and a half years of my life to that. Meanwhile my wife is gonna spend her dying days alone, while I’m off. Out. Trying to solve that little problem. And then some kid, some big child, with no meaningful education, is gonna jump in at the last moment… and solve it just like that. No sense of ambition. Spends most of his time playing ridiculous games, yet he’s the genius I’ll never be. He’s the one that should be here now, seeing what I’m seeing.
Jackson: Look, obviously you’re not yourself right now. I do understand what it is you’re going through.
Rush: Yeah, I know.
Daniel Jackson: I lost my wife. There was nothing I could do to save her. It’s a terrible helpless feeling.
Rush: Yeah, my wife’s not the answer. Data does come quicker when I’m with her, but quick isn’t gonna help me if I can’t interpret. There’s patterns I’m just not seeing.
Jackson: I’m just saying: if you need time, take it. Be with her. That’s more important right now. That’s more important than anything.
Rush: Yes, thanks. You’ve been really helpful.
Jackson: Your nose is bleeding.

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designations congruent with things is killing me

then i search it on tumblr and holy shit i am not alone

LOL - no, you are *not*.  Not by half :)  Welcome to the obsession!

CWR + elementals Audiobooks ~ they’re demanding to listen to, or, Love Letter to the Fans

I was chatting with an audiobook listener this morning about the all-absorbing nature of listening to Designations, and got to thinking of this post.  I wrote this months and months back to then-listeners of Force over Distance.  A large number of you have moved on to the audio for Designations Congruent with Things, plus hundreds of new listeners - and all of these thoughts and sentiments still apply.  So it’s time for another letter to the fans of the audiobooks of CWR’s writing :)


Recently, I’ve had several conversations with Force over Distance listeners in which they note a post-chapter reaction of feeling stunned and overwhelmed by feels - that it’s so intense, ‘burns so brightly’ as one listener put it, that it has to be digested before people can comment.  Or, you know, think sequential coherent thoughts :D

Each person who’s brought this up has had nothing but good things to say about the podfic - indeed, these are some of the most loyal, consistent listeners who love the story so much that they take it to heart, as Force over Distance fans have been doing since cleanwhiteroom first started writing it.

Like these listeners, I have the greatest loyalty to stories (written, TV, film) that bring me so fully into the world-building and the characters that I respond with deeply felt emotion (not to be confused with stories that rely on shock value or titillation or jerking the reader around emotionally).  The best art inspires strong feelings in people, allows us to examine aspects of Being A Human by proxy, teaches us something about ourselves.  Force over Distance does these things and manages to be a suspenseful, heart warming, lyric, sensual story into the bargain.  That goes for Maths, double - and Ad Noctum at 90 degrees to, um, sanity :D

Our decision to trend the recordings toward full on Performance as opposed to simply narrating the text, is really what the writing demands and I LOVE doing it this way; but FoD is an incredibly intense story for what is essentially a psychological drama and character driven plot and it can be more intense to *hear and imagine* it than it would be to *watch an episode* with the same content.  There’s something very intimate about listening to someone tell a story right in your ears that bypasses a lot of our acculturated defenses against intense content in film.

The performances are very demanding.  I finished recording Ch 45 covered in sweat and with a wicked headache - it’s a chapter with people being harrrsh to each other, whew!  Such amazing dialog writing on CWR’s part!  Even editing them is very intense - imagine listening to 3 different takes of, say, Young being absolutely furious…and then hearing the whole thing multiple times as I edit for continuity of sound.  Ch 45, again, had my heart pounding and my *palms sweating* for the whole editing process :D

The razor sharp writing that makes FoD so much a whole and coherent story demands a lot from the listener/reader…and people respond to that with not only a lot of emotion but a lot of loyalty to the story.  

BUT IT’S VERY INENSE TO LISTEN TO, BOTTOM LINE, and I respect that people need time to process (or epic emails to me or CWR to process :D) and especially respect that they consider that a valuable part of the experience of the story.  It flat out takes endurance - and it is a huge compliment to cleanwhiteroom’s abilities as a writer that the loyalty the story inspires makes listeners completely willing to put forth that effort.

And for those who include my performance abilities in that equation of ‘makes the audiobook worth the effort to listen to and love’, well, I am continually moved by those who write to tell me it is so :)

Thanks, you guys ~ you are nothing short of wonderful.

Force over Distance
an SGU fic by cleanwhiteroom read by elementals
text | audiobook | MP3 & M4B | fanart | iTunes

Designations Congruent with Things
Pacific Rim fic by cleanwhiteroom read by elementals
original music by The Superconducting Supercolliders
text | audiobook | MP3 & M4B downloads | fanart | iTunes

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hermann threatening to overthrow mankind because of mental instability on newton’s part made me coo.

that is not something that should make one coo.

the extent of destruction promised in retribution for a torn mind is not a pleasant outcome to consider.

bad invisible. bad.

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Hermann’s rage there is…ugh. Yes.


Seriously that part in I think its chapter 10? RUINS ME EVERY TIME

Every single time we re-recorded the Interlude, I loved delivering that paragraph.  Heh.  

i can completely understand why haha

i loved that part so much like just. heart. cannot take. too much caring.

awwww!   :D


Well, we’re right down to the end, people.  Or at least, the end of round one, which is how I think of it, considering I’ve got over 200K more glorious words of recording to do on Designations (and omg how awesome is that!) :D  But Designations' final chapter will be released….and the text, at least, will be concluded.

So much flailing around here last night after CWR posted!  I’m sure there will be more today as people log on and catch up.  I thoroughly enjoy following everyone’s live-blogging as they read :D  The first art has already appeared (Feriowind, drawing like the wind apparently!).  More is sure to follow, and fast.

As I do with each chapter release, I’m reblogging links to all the art & music fanworks made for Designations - and since those have all been consolidated over at I’ll just post the links in one post :)

Designations FanArt!

Designations FanMixes!

Designations Original Music by The Superconducting Supercolliders!

and last but not least ~

Designations Congruent with Things Audiobook!

Enjoy, everyone!

Designations Congruent with Things
Pacific Rim fic by cleanwhiteroom read by elementals
original music by The Superconducting Supercolliders
text | audiobook | MP3 & M4B downloads | fanart | iTunes

A lot of good Designations art has come out since Chapter 27 was released - go take a look at the art gallery!  Several new fanmixes as well :D


Dr Nicholas Rush as played by Robert Carlyle.——————As usual please do not repost here or take and post somewhere else, if you like it please like it and reblog if you wish.Keep all artist comments intact thank you.Direct Link:

one of the most rendered-by-artists-in-every-medium-one-can-draw moments of the series, and you can always see why :)  Very pretty!


Dr Nicholas Rush as played by Robert Carlyle.

As usual please do not repost here or take and post somewhere else, if you like it please like it and reblog if you wish.

Keep all artist comments intact thank you.

Direct Link:

one of the most rendered-by-artists-in-every-medium-one-can-draw moments of the series, and you can always see why :)  Very pretty!

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