Sunday, July 14, 2013


So it occurred to me to make this.

I’m fairly certain that in the Stargate AU that is cleanwhiteroom’s Mathématique, Daniel had no say in the design of the bumper sticker, though Vala did run it by Teal’c (who nodded approvingly at the subtle ying-yang allusion).

And of course Vala ordered a metric fuckton of them from Zazzle. Why spend all that money on just one sticker? Especially when she knew that Daniel would (and did) immediately remove it from his bumper the second he saw it? 

Vala was in it for the long haul. And she had accomplices.

Within days they were simply everywhere in the SGC, and starting to show up in Colorado Springs - anywhere a hand can slap a shiny metal surface - even on the stall in the men’s room at O’Malley’s. (Siler couldn’t help himself, snickering as he shoved the backing into a pocket.)

Landry was sure its presence on the internet constituted a leak of some sort, however obscure the reference (Vala hadn’t bothered to set the design to private), but he couldn’t bring himself to go beyond a half-hearted verbal reprimand. The word made him smile


A NERDLY NOTE ON DODGE DARTS: in Maths, Daniel drives a 1978 Dodge Dart, but in our universe the US renamed it in 1976 as the Dodge Aspen (though Mexico and Brazil and some other countries continued to make Actual Darts until the early 1980s), so when I went a-searching today I was confused (unless Daniel inherited a non-US one from his grandfather and drove it the fuck up from South America). I had a feeling the car cleanwhiteroom had in mind was butt-ugly (and probably orange), and not the boxy behemoths seen on the IMCDB and elsewhere. (This is the closest thing I could find, but sadly no shot of its backend.)

The image above is the best I could do - a 1976 Dodge Aspen (click through to see the hilariously not-Rush and not-Young looking at a map!) Apologies to cleanwhiteroom for messing with her canon!

I also couldn’t help myself.

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